If I don’t want to walk, how can I still participate?

You can donate and choose to remain in the picnic area during the walk if you prefer.

If I want to be a team sponsor what do I do?

You sign up first as a PARTICIPANT and select the team option.  Then as you gather your team make sure that they start on the team sponsors button, fill out the information and then select your name under participant to sponsor

If I was referred by someone how do I sign up?

Select TEAM SPONSOR, fill out the information, then select the name of the team member whose team you are joining.

If my company wants to donate, how do we do become a sponsor?

Select CORPORATE SPONSORS and follow the instructions

If I don’t want to walk or participate can I donate any amount?

Yes you may donate any amount to support Project Awakening by selecting the DONATIONS button.

Will I be able to take pictures with “THE AWAKENING” cast?

Yes “THE AWAKENING” cast will be walking and taking pictures.

Is the walk the only event for Project Awakening?

No, the walk is just one event and aspect of the Project Awakening Campaign, which consists of various events, initiatives, and programs.  You can stay abreast of all that is going on with Project Awakening all year by visiting walk.awakening.com.