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Dear Sponsor,

We would like you to join “PROJECT AWAKENING” as a local sponsor for the Project Awakening: Walk against Violence.  Twenty years ago, Dr. Clifford E. Turner developed the Emmy Award Winning television series, “The Awakening”, as a tool to help awaken our community to the consequences of a lifestyle of violence, drugs and illicit activity. Today, the impact of that series to millions of viewers is still in effect.  The message is the same, and there has been an outpouring cry among many to bring back a new and updated “Awakening”, along with developing outreaches, programming and outlets for our youth to utilize their creativity and skills in a productive manner. Now, more than ever, a real awakening is needed in our families, communities and churches.

As you know, violence has overtaken our city and our nation.  In particular, the violence among our youth today is unprecedented. There are fewer and fewer options to keep our youth focused and motivated due to the elimination of many key activities and programs that were geared to help bring them structure and hope.  We know that one of the key deterrents to violence and illegal activity is to have programs and outlets that speak to the gifts and talents of our youth, so that they can find their passions and purpose early in life. This will allow them to focus and channel their skills to those activities that will be productive and useful. Additionally, we know that it is absolutely necessary that the voices and issues of our children be addressed through film and theater, so that they can identify with and learn from those who have walked in their shoes.

All of our Project Awakening Outreaches and Programs are designed to provide hope and support for the underserved communities and particularly those touched by violence.  The Project Awakening Walk, specifically, is a galvanizing of the community to bring awareness to the severity of the violence in our city and to inspire each individual and family to join together to make a difference.

Becoming a local sponsor (at any level) of the Project Awakening Walk is an excellent opportunity for your company, both in terms of supporting a great cause and as a wonderful marketing opportunity.  As a local sponsor, your company will be increasing your brand recognition and visibility as well as demonstrating your commitment to the local community where your employees and customers live and work.

Proceeds from the Project Awakening Campaign will help to support selected organizations in their fight against violence along with assisting our Project Awakening initiatives that include expansion of The Awakening Life Lessons curriculum that is targeted to be used in schools nationwide. We will also develop neighborhood drama guilds that will offer various aspects of arts and film, including voiceovers, editing, camera training, script writing, theater, production, post production, lighting, make up, set design and drama.  Proceeds will help to fund our Billionaire Minds scholarship fund to help selected honor students attend college and/or start businesses.

More than a fundraiser, it is a time for the entire community to join together in a day of camaraderie, inspiration and above all, hope. This cause is extremely important to so many members of our community. Your sponsorship of the Project Awakening Walk will be greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference to the thousands of families who are living in communities where violence is on the rise. We are requesting all types of support including sponsorship, in-kind goods, and corporate teams to participate in the walk and volunteers.

Enclosed you will find a sponsorship packet that explains the sponsorship levels in detail. A commitment to be a sponsor will be in effect from the moment we receive your confirmation. However, please note the deadline to receive your logo on t-shirts and branding materials is August 1, 2014. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your participation and generosity is a key factor in the success of the Project Awakening program. Thank you for your consideration. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


Markellous Harris or Carol Jacobs
Project Coordinators

Become a Sponsor TODAY!